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December, 1, 2006 International Polar Year Funding Opportunities
National Science Foundation
Dear Colleague,
The next International Polar Year (IPY) will occur from March 2007
through March 2009. IPY is envisioned as an intense scientific campaign
to explore new frontiers in polar science, improve our understanding of
the critical role of the polar regions in global processes, and increase
public understanding of polar science.
more information
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Meeting Announcement
North Pole Environmental Observatory IPY 2007 Science Activities
Wednesday, 13 December 2007
San Francisco, California
A meeting about the North Pole Environmental Observatory (NPEO) IPY 2007 science activities will be held in San Francisco, California, on Wednesday, 13 December 2007, in conjunction with the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting. The meeting will take place from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Arctic Community Meeting Space in the Pacific A
Room of the San Francisco Marriott Hotel.
The NSF-funded NPEO includes an automated scientific drifting station in the central Arctic Ocean, carries out airborne hydrographic surveys, and maintains a deep ocean mooring in the vicinity of the North Pole.
Together these activities provide long-term, wide-area observations of marine arctic characteristics such as salinity of seawater and thickness and temperature of the ice cover.

The meeting will include informal discussions of the April 2007 NPEO deployment effort and related science activities. Investigators involved or interested in participating in the 2007 program are invited to attend. Available data from past NPEO observations will be described and inquiries about potential utilization of the observatory as a resource
for research in the central Arctic Ocean are welcome.
For further information about the NPEO meeting at AGU, please contact:
James Morison
Polar Science Center
Applied Physics Laboratory
University of Washington
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December, 12, 2006 Russian researcher warns against privatization of the Arctic
Head of the Russian Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Ivan Frolov, stresses that the Russian state should stay in control of Arctic affairs and keep commercial interests from getting too much power.
In a new report published in October this year, the institute warns against a commercialization of the Arctic. Professor Frolov calls for the development of a clear federal policy line, which also includes the Northern Shipping Route.
Professor Frolov stresses that the environment will suffer if the Arctic is handed over to the big extracting companies. He believes the issuing of extraction licenses to Arctic mineral resources should be the responsibility of regional authorities, while federal authorities should check the execution of these decisions.

-We have had many Arctic expeditions and we have observed how private business interests have acted barbarously in the region. One can clearly feel that there is no state control and no clear state policy, Mr. Frolov stresses.

-Specially important for the Arctic, is that the state elaborates programs for preservation of biodiversity, environment and protection of the people inhabiting the region, Frolov says, adding that the programs must be followed up with necessary legislation.
December, 22, 2006 Call For Letters of Intent
IPY Logistics Platforms in Greenland
Danish Polar Center
further information, please go to:
or contact:
Morten Rasch, Head of Logistics
Danish Polar Center
The Danish Polar Center (DPC) is planning to establish logistics
platforms at different sites in Greenland during IPY and is calling for
letters of intent from scientists and research groups in deciding the
specific locations for the platforms. DPC is a knowledge, service, and
facilitation center for researchers, public agencies, and institutions
who are engaged in polar research and arctic conditions.
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December, 26, 2006
Feb 1, 2007 - Feb 2, 2007
Heads of the Arctic IPY Secretariats
Copenhagen, Denmark
2nd meeting of the heads of the International Polar Year secretariats in the Arctic region. The first meeting was held in Washington DC, USA, in October 2006.
The meeting is arranged by Danish Polar Centre, Copenhagen.
For further information please contact Link
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December,  29, 2006 New Website Available Climate Commons
Climate Commons is a networked conversation about climate change,
sustainability, and the Arctic. The website features thirteen core
participants, including a glaciologist, architect, journalist, and
comedian, each of whom contributes weekly posts about their work,
inspirations, discoveries, or questions. Readers can join the
conversation by clicking on the comments "hex" icon and choosing a cell
in which to respond to any particular post. Please note that you must
register to post comments.
The website is available at:
Last visit: Victoria R
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