Owner        Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, St. Petersburg

E-Mail   aaricoop@aari.nw.ru

Type     Researchvessel

Classification  KM * ULA [2]A2

Yard     Finland, 1987

IMO- No.8519837

Radio call sign UCKZ

Sat. comm.No.Phone 00871/00873 -  327326210 Fax - 32732621


Vessel dimensions


Length 141,2 m

Breadth 23,5 m

Draft   8,5 m

DWT 7.200 t

GRT 12.660 t

NRT 3.798 t

Displacement 16.200 t


Vessel characteristics


Speed  16 knots

No. Holds 5 (total cubic cap. 8.595 cbm)

Main Engine fuel cons. approx.  32 t/per day ( average for ice free and ice covered areas)

Aux. Engine fuel consumption  7 t/per day on stay

Engine oil consumption   0,5 t per day

Grade of fuel main engine  Heavy fuel IFO-80/Gasoil

Grade of helifuel   Jet A1

No. of 20' freightcontainer  28 units

No. of 20' laboratorycontainer   8-10 units (with electric and water supply on deck)


Cargo Handling Equipment

Crane Bow     1 x 2 t - 3,5/20m

Crane Bow     2 x 50 t - 6/25m

Crane Stern   2 x 10 t - 6/25m


Fuel capacity

M.E. Bunkers   2050t, IFO 180

Aux. Bunkers   400 t

Helifuel            50 t, Jet A1


Food Storage capacity

Dry goods  450 cbm

Chilier Space  405 cbm

Freezer Space   695 cbm



Maritime   80

Expedition 160


Accomodation with shower and WC for expedition member

Single cabins  26

Double cabins  66

Spare Berth     80


Public Areas

Library  1

Meeting rooms  1 (20sqm)

Exercise room   1


Medical Facilities

Hospital with all necessary equipment and doctor as crewmember


Laboratories and equipment

Hydrographic, hydrochemical, hydrobiological, ice research aerological, meteorological, weather forecasts, satellite receiving, computer center, ice strain measurement, copying laboratories.

2 x 6t, 2 x 3t wire winches, 2 x 3t cable winches on deck;

A-frame and storage space for oceanographie equipment


Communication system


additional communication systems available


Environment Monitoring Equipment

Water-desalination system - 2 units x 20t

Air conditioner

Sewage processing system "Unex Bio"

Separator "Fram CPS 50MK" - 2 units

Recovery system " Unex F2"

Waste Insinerator 1 unit


Helicopter capacity

2 big helicopters of MI-8 type

(1 - on deck 23 x 23 m octogonal

1 - in hangar - 6 x 6 x 21 m)