Vessel nationality:        Russia

Vessel owner:        Russian Federal Government

Vessel operator:        Murmansk Shipping Co.

Vessel web page:


Vessel Activities and Operating Areas        

Vessel's main activity:        Polar icebreaking in support of shipping and research vessels.

Vessel operating areas:        All arctic seas, including heavy icebreaking


Vessel Characteristics        

Year and place built:        1982

Type of engine:        16,200 KW DC electric

Vessel length in meters:        132

Beam (Breadth) in meters:        27

Draft in meters:        8,5

Vessel type:        Polar icebreaking

Displacement GRT:        15000


Vessel Performance and Capabilities        

Cruising speed (knots, open water):        16

Endurance (days):        

Icebreaking capability:        1.5 meters at 1 knot, 3 meters ramming



Crew berths:        60

Scientist berths:        102


Onboard Equipment        

Onboard science equipment:        

Onboard cranes:        

Onboard winches:        

Other Science Features:        helicopter deck